Himmel och hav


IMG_3092Jag har arbetat med tekniken ”vått på vått” med akvarellfärg som material. Först tejpade jag fast ett A3-papper på ett hårt underlag. Jag använde mig av en pensel och började med att måla med vatten på papperet så att det blev fuktigt. Därefter övergick jag till att måla med akvarellfärg på papperet. På grund av att underlaget (papperet) redan var fuktigt kunde de olika färgerna blanda sig med varandra lättare och på så sätt blev det mjukare övergångar mellan dem. Jag fick inspiration av Lars Lerins målningar. Mitt verk ska föreställa en solnedgång vid en öken. Anledningen till att jag valde just det motivet var att jag inte ville göra en helt vanlig himmel och därav solnedgången. Jag trodde att den färgen på himlen skulle passa bra tillsammans med sandfärg och därför valde jag att det ”fasta landet” skulle vara en öken. En positiv sak med min bild är att jag lyckades få relativt mjuka övergångar. Dock hade det kunnat bli en lite mjukare övergång mellan den blåa himlen och den orangea solnedgången. En nackdel är att jag var sjuk den andra lektionen och därför hann jag inte måla dit alla detaljer jag ville ha på bilden




Dans dix ans j’aurai 25 ans. Je ne pense pas que je travaillerai. Je crois que je ferai des études. Je voudrais devenir physicien puisque je pense que la  physique et les mathématiques sont très intéressants. Je crois que j’habiterai dans un appartement à moi en Suède à Lund. Je ne pense pas que j’aurai des enfants. Je ne sais pas si j’aurai un petit ami, mais j’espère que je trouverai quelqu’un que j’aimerai et qui m’aimera. Je n’irai plus faire de patinage artistique, mais je pense que j’irai toujours m’entrainer. Je crois que j’aimerai visiter ma famille et rencontrer mes amis.

Discussion leader – Book circle page 90 to 135

Adina can start to summarize the text. After that Sofia, the character tracer, can tell us about the character she chose to write about. Later Felicia can tell us about the things from the book that she connected to for example the real world or a movie and the difficult words that she found while she was reading the pages.

The discussion questions:

Green hat: What was the best thing the mother could do when she realized that Minnie Cooper was following her?

-How would you react if you were in the same situation as Anna Parish was in?

White hat: What happens when the mother, Anna Parish, and Minnie Cooper are at the boat?

-What was the grandfather’s nickname for Anna Parish?

Blue hat: What can Glen learn about trust after the incident at the night club?

-What are the things that you have learned so far by reading this book?

Red hat: What feeling did you get when you read all of the things Minnie started doing just to find the Parish family?

-What was your reaction when you read that Sally, Hawthorne and the other kids started to bully Glen again?

Black hat: Anna Parish punctured Minnie Cooper’s car. What is negative about doing really awful things just to find a potential killer?

-Why did not all Glen’s problem disappear when he changed identity?

Yellow hat: What is positive about having a hard childhood like Glen Parish has?

-What is positive about getting a new start?

Summary – page 45 to 90

Minnie Cooper keeps trying to find the Ward family. The first step is to find out who Glen Parish’s best friend was, Colin Taylor. Minnie asks Colin a couple of questions. Colin Taylor gives her an idea: she is going to wait for the family at the prison since the parents must visit Gav sometimes. Gav’s mother is very upset and she lives for the visits at the prison. Glen accidentally reveals where he comes from when he tells his teacher what kind of projects he worked with at his old school in Haworth. Hawthorne keeps making fun of Glen and a new fight starts between them and Glen faints. As Parish is asleep he is saying the name of Gav’s last victim, Caroline Summers. From now on Parish is going to keep a low profile and he will not bring attention to himself. It all ends with the fact that Minnie Cooper sits in her car in front of the prison where Gav is and she watches when his mother, Anna Ward/Parish, walks in.

Eyewitness report

I hear loud noises and people who scream like they are getting tortured. I can see how some of my best and closest friends slowly are taking their last breath. The pain is indescribable. You cannot explain how it feels to lose a part of your family and to see how life slowly runs out of them. It is all kind of blurry actually. I hear screams, but I cannot understand what they are saying. Several bombs are falling and I can feel the smoke in my eyes. I start running away. We have already lost the fight. Lieutenant Dan is calling for retreat. Without even thinking of my friends I start running. (Later on in life I was going to regret that.) But then I see Forest Gump. He is doing the exact opposite of what Dan said. Forest Gump is saving everyone who has been shoot. Then suddenly I feel something in my left leg. I can barely see anything and I cannot feel anything. The pain is horrible. The last thing I see is Forest’s face and he is telling me that he is going to save me.

Summary of Forest Gump – The first 37 minutes

This film is about a boy called Forest Gump and as he’s sittning on a bench waiting for the bus he tells strangers about his life. No one really liked him and he had a hard time finding friends. But when he was trying to find a place at the school bus a girl called Jenny let him sit beside her and that resulted in a long friendship. Forest had a leg problem so it was quite surprising that he could run away from bullies one day when Jenny told him to run. Later on in life Forest went to college, joined a football team and after that he joined the army.